A random collection of things I've made...

Luxury Beer Commercial
A spoof commercial I made for fun. Lots of macro slow-mo action. I think I captured the true essence of the brand. Shot with the Panasonic GH4 (96fps) & Sony A7S (120fps).

The Souvenir
Returning from her trip abroad, a traveller's holiday souvenir turns out to be more then she bargained for.
Starring Charlie Bond

Vicki's Disease
This was a short film, but I think it works best as a music video for the song I wrote which inspired the whole project.

The Dark Hunter
An early zero budget feature film we managed to get UK distribution for. The total budget was around the £500 mark, so probably one of the lowest budget films to get released. As well as co-directing & writing it I was also technically the lead actor!

Two hopeless filmmakers set out to make a film to uncover the truth behind sightings of a large black panther in the English countryside. Feature Film trailer


Silly Billy - Punk Musical
That's right, I wrote a feature length punk musical and recorded the whole album and shot an ultra low-budget version of the film, which I cut down to about 20 mins and got screened at the London Short Film Festival, for which I will be forever grateful.

To practice my skills with the Steadicam Pilot system so I made this short film in an afternoon with a couple of actor friends.

Jumping Jack Flash - Cover
I had a fun live jam with some filmmaking buddies and we tackled the Stones classic. I added a few guitar overdubs after the event to fatten it up.

Video Xmas Cards
I made these fun little videos to send out during the Christmas for a laugh.

Little Donkey (I didn't know the original words so I made up my own, the YouTube audience have been nicely split between those who love and those who want to do me physical harm. Good to get a reaction)

Christmas Angel (co-starring Rachel Bright)

Ninja Man
Feature Film I made back in 2002. Zero budget, shot on mini-DV. Still the best thing I've ever made.

Monkey Shoe
Early but much loved short film I made. Screened at Raindance Film Festival back in the day.

Sell Out
Music VIdeo for a self-penned song

Salt & Vinegar
Before Silly Billy I made this animated punk musical, which somehow won the best animation award at the Portobello Film Festival.

Detective Shallowbreast
Crazy street sweeper turned detective short film.

Fruit Genocide
Just a short silent animation I made in a few hours for fun.

Emerald Car Insurance
A spoof commercial for women's car insurance written by top stand-up comic Imran Yusuf.

Where Food Goes
30sec one shot movie

Oh Well - Fleetwood Mac Cover
Little home recording made for fun

You've Got To Go - Song Only
Nice soulful song I co-wrote and produced with Simon Duckworth & Adam Leedale