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Samsung - The Chicken Connoisseur
(Director, B-Camera, Editor)
A review of the Samsung S8+ with the YouTube star The Chicken Connoisseur. Winner at the DADI Awards 2017.
Viral success, reached over 2.5 million views in just one week

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PC Specialist
(Director, Editor, VFX & Colourist)
Continuous take commercial for the custom built PC firm.

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(Director, Editor, VFX)

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The Cotswold Company - Bank Holiday Sale TVC
(Director of Photography, Editor, VFX & Colourist)

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Luminous Man
(Director, Writer, Camera, Editing & VFX)
The secrets of the high-visibility world

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(Director, Producer, Writer, DoP, Editor & VFX)
Over 20 million online views.
Winner Best Film at Sefton Film Festival.
Screened at the London Short Film Festival & Raindance.

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You've Got To Go - Music Video
(Director, Producer, Writer, DoP, Editor & VFX)

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Last Bus Home - Short Film
(Director, Producer, Writer, DoP, Editor & VFX)
Broadcast on London Live TV. Over 200k YouTube views.
Official selection at
Raindance and the London Short Film Festival
Finalist at the Cornwall Horror Film Festival.
Waiting for her bus home, a young lady has a terrifying encounter.

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Oddbins #WhatTheFox
(Director, Editor, VFX & Colourist)
Comedy Central called it 'the best advert of Xmas 2015'
Adweek called it 'the year's weirdest holiday ad'

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HPI Check 'Repo Man'
(Director & Editor)

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Atomic Clean - Comedy Sketch
(Director, Producer, Writer, Camera Op, Editor & VFX)
Spoof TV Commercial for the ultimate bathroom cleaning product.

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Formula 437 - Short Film
(Director, Producer, Writer, DoP, Editor & VFX)
Undercover agents race against time to stop a rogue scientist
releasing confidential information onto the web.

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Temporary Accommodation - Short Film
(Director, Producer, Writer, DoP, Editor & VFX)
Winner of the Best Supporting Actress award at the
Portsmouth International Film Festival.
And also nominated for the Best Narrative Editing.
Screened at the
East End Film Festival 2014.
Debt ridden couple live in their car with unexpected consequences.
Read the great review on the London Film Review website.
The full film can be seen

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Doomsday Ready
(Director, Producer, Writer, DoP, Editor & VFX)
Mockumentary about a doomsday prepper. Winner of the Best Low-Budget Short Film at the London Short Film Festival 2017.
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