Wicked Friday Night (Comedy Sketch)

Staying at home just got epic. Made during Lockdown 2020

Samsung - Chicken Connoisseur

Director / B-Camera / Editor

Winner at the DADI Awards. Over 3 million Facebook views in a week.

Bad Words (Comedy Sketch)

Multi-award winner

Stripped (Comedy)

Over 20 million views online across multiple platforms.

Top 5 Tips for Business Success | Comedy

Spoof Business Advice Video

Ultimate Buyer's Guide (Comedy Sketch)

Director / Writer / Editor / Voice

Top tips for saving time and money when buying new tech

Incompatible (Sci-Fi Short Film)

Director / DOP / Editor / VFX / Art Direction

An inventor has problems with his android

Temporary Accommodation (Comedy / Drama)
Award-winning short 
Doomsday Ready (Comedy)

Winner of the Best Low Budget Film at the London Short Film Festival

Prepper mockumentary

Tea Story (Comedy Sketch)


Every cup tells a story

What's in the can? (Comedy sketch)

Director / DOP / Editor

15 second horror short

Germs (Animation)

Writer & Animator

A woman starts to see all the germs around her

You've Got To Go (Music Video)

Director / DOP / Editor / VFX / Art Direction / Song Co-Writer

Puppet head

Cooking with Mark (Comedy Sketch)

Director / DOP / Editor / VFX

15 second horror comedy