• Mark Jackson

My 3 short films made during the lockdown

Updated: May 27

Limitation is always a great inspiration.

I've been using my spare time during the lockdown as an opportunity to make a few no-budget short films for fun at home. There's a good variety; animation, comedy and a horror.

1. 'Germs' - A woman starts to see all the germs around her.

This was a film idea I had wanted to film live-action a few years ago, but I couldn't get permission to film on the tube. But I thought it was nice little story, relevant at anytime, so animation seemed like the best option. I deliberately made the germs more generic then the Covid ones that are being used a lot at the moment. It was made in After Effects.

2. 'Wicked Friday Night' - Staying at home just got epic!

Again this was an idea that I had long before the pandemic but it seemed like an appropriate time to put it together now we're now all living increasingly online. The film is a finalist in the #LockDownLogOn Film Festival and also won best film of the month on the One Minute Film Club on Facebook

3. 'Cat' - A child goes on a scary adventure.

This was just one I quickly came up with. I wanted to make something with my young daughter before she grew up too much!

I have some other film ideas and with the on-going situation there's a good chance I'll be make something else soon I think.

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