Wicked Friday Night (Comedy Sketch)
Staying at home just got epic. Made during Lockdown 2020
Samsung - Chicken Connoisseur

Director / B-Camera / Editor

Winner at the DADI Awards. Over 3 million Facebook views in a week.

Bad Words (Comedy Sketch)

Multi-award winner

Temporary Accommodation (Comedy / Drama)
Award-winning short 
Stripped (Comedy)

Over 20 million views online across multiple platforms.

Doomsday Ready (Comedy)

Winner of the Best Low Budget Film at the London Short Film Festival

Robot Replacement (Comedy)

Director / Writer / Animation

Litterbug (Comedy Short)

Director / DOP / Editor / VFX

Christmas Angel (Musical Comedy Short)

Director / Writer

Special Brew (Spoof TV Commercial)

Director / DOP / Editor

You've Got To Go (Music Video)

Director / DOP / Editor / VFX

Luminous Man (Comedy Short)
Atomic Clean (Spoof TV Commercial)

Director / DOP / Editor

Get Back To Work (Comedy Sketch)


Comedy Filmmaker Showreel
Germs (Comedy Animation)
A woman starts to see all the germs around her.
Made during Lockdown 2020

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